The Life of Bryan

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1982Every Inch A Lady
Thursday, 7 January 1982True West
Thursday, 28 January 1982Children of A Lesser God
Thursday, 4 February 1982An Evening's Intercourse With Barry Humphries
Monday, 1 March 1982Guys and Dolls
Wednesday, 24 March 1982The Little Foxes
Friday, 26 March 1982Song & Dance
Tuesday, 13 April 1982Guys and Dolls
Tuesday, 20 April 1982Another Country
Monday, 26 April 1982The Beastly Beatitudes of Balthazar B
Friday, 14 May 1982Song & Dance
Monday, 24 May 1982The Pirates Of Penzance
Saturday, 29 May 1982All My Sons
Monday, 31 May 1982Song & Dance
Monday, 14 June 1982A Midsummer Night's Dream
Wednesday, 23 June 1982One Mo' Time
Wednesday, 14 July 1982Windy City
Monday, 23 August 1982A Star Is Torn
Thursday, 30 September 1982Shirley Maclaine
Friday, 15 October 1982Design for Living
Friday, 22 October 1982The American Dance Machine
Thursday, 18 November 1982Camelot
Friday, 3 December 1982Song & Dance