The Life of Bryan

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Wednesday, 25 January 1989Les Liaisons Dangereuses
Wednesday, 22 February 1989The Last Waltz
Monday, 13 March 1989Eartha Kitt
Sunday, 26 March 1989Jesus Christ Superstar (Concert Performance)
Monday, 10 April 1989Blood Brothers
Thursday, 13 April 1989Aspects Of Love
Friday, 14 April 1989M Butterfly
Saturday, 15 April 1989Hamlet
Thursday, 27 July 1989Les Misérables
Monday, 31 July 1989Anything Goes
Monday, 21 August 1989The Merchant of Venice
Thursday, 21 September 1989Othello
Saturday, 23 September 1989Miss Saigon
Friday, 29 September 1989Veterans' Day
Thursday, 19 October 1989Let's Do It
Saturday, 21 October 1989Re: Joyce
Friday, 27 October 1989Talk of The Steamie
Tuesday, 19 December 1989Return To The Forbidden Planet