The Life of Bryan

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1990The Rocky Horror Show
1990The School For Scandal
1990A Single Man
January 1990Return To The Forbidden Planet
Thursday, 18 January 1990Bent
Saturday, 10 February 1990Return To The Forbidden Planet
Tuesday, 20 February 1990The Happening (BSB TV Recording)
Monday, 26 February 1990The Last Laugh (BSB TV Recording)
Thursday, 8 March 1990Ella Fitzgerald with The Count Basie Orchestra
Monday, 12 March 1990La Traviata
Wednesday, 14 March 1990Into The Groove (BSB TV Recording)
Tuesday, 27 March 1990David Bowie
April 1990The Duchess of Malfi
Monday, 2 April 1990Cats
Saturday, 14 April 1990Song & Dance
Monday, 16 April 1990Nelson Mandela Tribute
Tuesday, 17 April 1990Jimmy Somerville
Thursday, 10 May 1990Into The Groove (BSB TV Recording)
Sunday, 20 May 1990Fashion Walks
Wednesday, 23 May 1990Into The Groove (BSB TV Recording)
Thursday, 28 June 1990The Jive Aces
Thursday, 12 July 1990Wendy & Lisa
Sunday, 22 July 1990Madonna
Saturday, 28 July 1990Terrence Higgins Trust Candlelight Vigil
Friday, 10 August 1990Big Audio Dynamite II
Saturday, 22 September 1990Tina Turner
Wednesday, 10 October 1990Dave Stewart & The Spiritual Cowboys
Friday, 19 October 1990Cher
Saturday, 8 December 1990The Hospitals' Christmas Carol Concert
Monday, 17 December 1990Paul Young
Friday, 21 December 1990Billy Idol