The Life of Bryan

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Tuesday, 28 February 1995Mama, I Want To Sing
Thursday, 9 March 1995Three Tall Women
Tuesday, 11 April 1995My Night With Reg
Tuesday, 9 May 1995She Loves Me
Friday, 2 June 1995Hello Dolly
Thursday, 8 June 1995Riverdance
Monday, 26 June 1995Danti-Dan
Thursday, 29 June 1995Skirting The Issue
Wednesday, 26 July 1995Oliver!
Tuesday, 1 August 1995Boom Bang-A-Bang
Saturday, 7 October 1995Burning Blue
Wednesday, 11 October 1995Rat In The Skull
Monday, 16 October 1995Riverdance
Friday, 20 October 1995Arthur Smith's Hamlet
Wednesday, 1 November 1995The Wasteland
Sunday, 5 November 1995A Handful Of Keys
Tuesday, 7 November 1995An Evening With Chekhov
Friday, 17 November 1995Rupert Street Lonely Hearts Club
Thursday, 30 November 1995Hysteria
Friday, 22 December 1995Miss Saigon