The Life of Bryan

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Friday, 5 January 1996Prisoner Cell Block H - The Musical
Saturday, 6 January 1996An Inspector Calls
Tuesday, 9 January 1996The Wind In The Willows
Tuesday, 16 January 1996Saltimbanco
Monday, 22 January 1996Mystere
Monday, 22 January 1996EFX
Wednesday, 24 January 1996NATPE Convention 1996
Thursday, 1 February 1996Fancy Our Meeting
Wednesday, 14 February 1996Les Misérables
Friday, 15 March 1996Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Tuesday, 19 March 1996The Blinding of Gloucester
Wednesday, 20 March 1996The Changing Room
Monday, 1 April 1996Lucky Sods
Thursday, 18 April 1996Passion
Tuesday, 30 April 1996Tap Dogs
Sunday, 19 May 1996Soho Pink Weekend Party In The Park
Tuesday, 28 May 1996The Great Pretenders
Monday, 3 June 1996The Art of Success
Thursday, 20 June 1996Andrea Marcovicci
Friday, 21 June 1996Scape Goat
Monday, 24 June 1996Chapter Two
Friday, 28 June 1996By Jeeves
Saturday, 6 July 1996Gay Pride 1996
Friday, 12 July 1996Lesley Garrett
Tuesday, 23 July 1996Lord of The Dance
Saturday, 10 August 1996Two Boys In A Bed On A Cold Winter's Night
Saturday, 28 September 1996Peter Andre
Friday, 25 October 1996The Oedipus Plays
Sunday, 27 October 1996Stonewall Equality Show 1996
Friday, 1 November 1996Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Wednesday, 20 November 1996Erasure
Monday, 25 November 1996Def Leppard
Monday, 16 December 1996Guys and Dolls